Friday, May 11, 2018

Simple Ideas to Update Your Home

Getting your own home is something pretty exciting. But all that excitement goes away in a second when you enter into the home and its interior appears to be a place which had been last used a century ago. Walls are dressed with the wallpaper which makes the environment scarier. And then you enter into the kitchen. Now, this place is going to the real mess. Dulled tiles, green countertop with mustard yellow shade, and black grout between the tiles are going to be salient features of this quite old kitchen.

Although it’s going to be a place you won’t ever want to live in with this kind of arrangement, you have got great opportunity to start transforming the interior to bring it into the current timeline. The matter of fact is that you must have anticipated this kind of interior because of the price you have paid to purchase the home. Nevertheless, good news is that this transformation is not going to be scarier like the home interior itself.

Renovating the floor is normally an expensive task because people usually go for the hardwood floor. And since you would want to get rid of the tile, you are not going to like the idea of replacing tile with another kind of tiles. However, good news is that there are tiles in the market that are colored and textured to give a look of hardwood. Installing these tiles is surely going to transform the floor in the way you want.

Almost entire decoration of home depends upon the looks of the walls. So, it is a necessity to renovate the walls if there is a requirement for it. An obvious solution here is to remove the wallpaper and paint the walls but this removal and painting might bring up other tasks such as repairing of drywall which would get exposed as a result of wallpaper removal. In this scenario, you can directly go for faux walls panels which are cheaper and quite easy to install. Faux wall panels are available in the designs of bricks, stones, and wood. You can pick any design and texture according to your requirement.

With everything you consider while renovating your home, cabinetry is something without which you cannot bring true transformation. In the old styled home like yours, there are going to be the cabinets on the walls but you would want then to remove first because of the look and style. Good news is that you don’t have to invest in the new cabinetry. You can take the cabinets off the walls and reshape them according to your requirements. A little sand work and then painting would make the cabinets just like new. You can decorate them a bit further by adding stylish knobs.

The last piece of this interior renovation puzzle is the replacement of fixtures. Fixtures mainly include lighting arrangements and the fixtures in bath and kitchen. You can get those fixtures renewed to bring drastic change in the overall look of the area.

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